Program of Friday, December 8

 Morning - Opera
8.30amWelcome coffee
9.30amLet's begin
9.45am[Keynote] Andy Budd
From imagination to reality: overview of the robotics
10.10am[Keynote] Richard Caetano - Cécile Monteil
What is the blockchain and to what does it apply?
10.30am[Keynote] Guy Caverot
Creating outstanding mobile robots
10.50am[Performance] Audrick Fausta
11.35am[Keynote] Primavera De Filippi
The economy is a game that doesn’t renew as much as we thought
12am[Keynote] Rodolphe Gelin
Robots in our everyday life
12.30- 2pm Lunch (at City Hall for XL Pass only)
2pm[Robot parade] P.-A. Foix, R. Gelin, J. Vidal
Winter collection 2017-2018
2.15pm[Battle] G. Cadignan, K. Dauthel, V. Fauchoux, N. Filali
To what extent can the blockchain transform the society?
2.45pm[Keynote] Antonio Bicchi
Flexible robots and robotic hands: in search of the fluid motion
3.05pm[Keynote] Osama Hashmi
Creating global social impact using robotics and blockchain
4.00pm[Battle] M. Babel, R. Baddoura, D. Rio, J. de Sanctis
How much do you trust robots?
4.35pm[Keynote] Pierre Paperon
Beyond blockchain, what will 2018 hold?
4.55pm[Keynote] Laurence Devillers
What relationships shall we develop with our robots?
5.15pmDebrief of the day with Cyril de Lasteyrie
6.30pm(XL Pass only) VIP space, at la French Tech
8.00pm(XL and L Pass only) Concerts, at the Transmusicales festival